The Bonzo team recognized the need for a comprehensive mobile app solution to empower their Advisors and Real Estate Agents in the UK. They saw an opportunity to enhance their outreach and sales capabilities, leveraging the power of smartphone apps. 

Team Bonzo further recognized the increasing need for a user-friendly platform that would facilitate seamless communication, efficient contact management, and streamlined operations. 

Their objective was to engage with clients more effectively while ensuring hassle-free contact management, campaign tracking, and communication across multiple channels.


Team Bonzo approached BrainX Technologies seeking a comprehensive mobile app solution. Through collaborative meetings at every stage, our team worked closely with Team Bonzo to understand their requirements, provide regular updates, and incorporate feedback. 

Using an iterative approach, we ensured that the final iOS and Android apps meet their vision and needs.


The Bonzo mobile apps, developed by BrainX Technologies, provided a range of features designed to enhance the effectiveness of Advisors and Real Estate Agents:

  • People Management: Users can efficiently manage contacts, campaigns, pipelines, tasks, videos, and conversations directly from the phone.
  • In-app Messaging: Enabling users to carry out seamless communication similar to popular messaging apps, allowing faster response times and improved collaboration.
  • Task Reminders: Users are allowed to set up reminders for clients, ensuring important follow-ups and engagements are not missed.
  • CRM: Users can utilize a comprehensive customer relationship management system, streamlining sales processes and enhancing client relationships.



The Bonzo mobile apps revolutionized the way Advisors and Real Estate Agents engaged with clients, resulting in tangible benefits:

1- Streamlined Workflow: The centralized platform for contact management and task reminders improved organizational efficiency.

2- Enhanced Communication: In-app messaging facilitated faster response times and better collaboration among team members.
3- Accurate Documentation: The ability to record calls and voice notes ensured comprehensive and convenient documentation of client interactions.
4- Customization and Flexibility: The subscription-based model, coupled with premium add-ons, offered users flexibility and tailored solutions.

Tools & Technologies

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Adobe XD
  • Miro

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