Services Ecommerce Development

Employing our comprehensive eCommerce web development services, we ensure that your online store surpasses the competition in today’s market. Our team of experts leverages the latest technologies and trends to create customized online stores that reflect your brand identity. From designing to deployment, we ensure a seamless and secure shopping experience for your customers. Let us help you boost your online sales and propel your business growth!

ServicesDelivering Results-Oriented Ecommerce Web Development Services

  • E-commerce Development

    Build your online store using our Ecommerce development services to provide your customers with a simple and safe shopping experience.

  • API Integration

    Seamlessly connect your online store to critical business applications such as payment gateways, shipping suppliers, and CRMs.

  • Store Migration

    BrainX helps you migrate your existing store to Shopify in a safe and secure manner, providing a smooth transfer with minimal downtime & data protection.

  • 3rd Parties Integration

    We can Integrate your store’s capabilities with custom or existing external apps like inventory management and marketing automation, etc.

  • Themes Development

    Capture the essence of your brand through our theme development practices for visually appealing, one-of-a-kind themes that resonate with your target audience.

  • Custom Template

    We bring out a distinct and consistent look by creating custom templates that complement your brand identity.

  • Page Speed Optimization

    Let us reduce page load times to improve your website’s performance and search engine rankings.

  • App Development and Customization

    We develop feature-rich, secure Shopify apps that complement your online business and offer a simplified shopping experience.

IndustriesCreating disruptive, customized software solutions to revolutionize various industries

Improve your consumers' purchasing experience of products ranging from sleek furniture to decor accessories with our tailored eCommerce website services.

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Build a secure and user-friendly online store to sell medical supplies and equipment using our eCommerce development services for the Healthcare sector.

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Attract and retain clients for skincare and other beauty products with a visually appealing and user-friendly eCommerce website designed by BrainX experts.

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Increase your online sales of auto parts or handy tools with our custom eCommerce website development services as per your industry requirements.

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Showcase your jewelry pieces and manage your brand’s inventory with a customized eCommerce website developed by our team for the Jewellery & Accessories lovers.

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Provide parents with a seamless and comfortable online buying experience through our eCommerce website development services for the Baby-care industry.

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Tools & TechnologiesWe achieve excellence in providing Ecommerce Website Development Services by harnessing advanced tools & technologies to craft tailor-made solutions with unmatched performance and user engagement.

  • Shopify
  • Wordpress
  • React
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Java Script
  • Liquid
  • MongoDB
  • NodeJS
  • Shopify Polaris
  • Shopify OS 2.0

Work With UsOur Portfolio


Work Ready Mobile

Work Ready Mobile has revolutionized adult basic education, making it more approachable and manageable for schools and students. BrainX developed this smart solution to increase student’s retention and success rate in completing study programs at any age.



Yellper is a handyperson services app that provides different vendors for any kind of help its patrons need around the house. However, the platform wasn’t realized until they brought in BrainX to produce a complete solution. Two mobile (Android & iOS) apps and one web app later, everything is looking up for Yellper and its users.



Team BrainX redesigned Wellnesse, an e-commerce platform for personal care products, to improve user experience and conversion. Following its profound success among customers, the e-store continues to receive ongoing content management and tech support from a dedicated team of Shopify developers at BrainX.



Just Thrive, a health products provider, sought BrainX Technologies to enhance their Shopify store. BrainX focused on UI/UX, custom app development, sales funnel optimization, site speed, theme customization, and custom discounting logic. The collaboration improved user engagement and boosted sales, furthering Just Thrive's mission of promoting healthier lives.


Upgraded Formulas

Upgraded Formulas, an online supplements store specializing in Mental Health Hygiene, enlisted BrainX Technologies to enhance its online presence and address key challenges.

Our team’s approach involved a thorough analysis of the existing infrastructure, brand identity, target audience, and business goals, along with competitive research.


Visiting emergency rooms and urgent care clinics leaves you with a trail of medical records. However, you can digitize anyone's medical records securely and anonymously using the Blutwerte app, the brainchild of Priority AG, developed by BrainX. It’s safe to say Blutwerte web and mobile apps help improve and prolong the lives of its users.



BrainX Technologies and Drive Mouse, Inc. partnered to develop ClientDex, an all-in-one CRM tool for auto dealerships. Developed using Agile methodology, the app’s robust features streamline client interactions and enhance productivity. While the app’s success has fostered a strong, ongoing partnership between the two companies.



Bonzo, the all-in-one real estate sales companion, sought BrainX Technologies to empower their UK-based Advisors and Real Estate Agents with a phone app solution. Their aim was to enhance outreach, streamline operations, and improve communication.

Social Networking


BrainX revamped Famlicious, a social networking app for families, resulting in a modern and user-friendly app with increased engagement and retention rates. Key features include family profiles, event collaboration, discover tab, child account and push notifications. Sharing text & image posts with just your family members is now possible with Famlicious.


Team BrainX revamped the Baritastic mobile app for bariatric surgery patients, improving its stability and practicality. As a result, the app reached the top 100 medical apps in the US, with 500,000+ users and a revenue of $1M in 2021.

Let's Build Your Custom Ecommerce SolutionCreate a custom Shopify store with the help of our eCommerce web development services

Ecommerce Development Process At BrainX, we follow a proven ecommerce development process to deliver high-quality solutions that meet your business needs.

Requirement Gathering

We begin our development process by learning about your company's goals, target audience, and desired features. Our team’s initial goal is to carry out conversations, brainstorming, and collaborative planning to lay the groundwork for your ecommerce project.

Competitive Analysis

BrainX undertakes extensive market research, competitive strategy, and customer expectations. The gathered data assists us in identifying chances for innovation alongside potential issues that must be addressed during development.

UI/UX Design

We produce wireframes and mockups based on the insights gained to visualize your store's layout, navigation, and overall user experience. Our UI/UX designers focus on creating a sleek and intuitive interface that is consistent with your brand identity

Ecommerce Development

Our developers provide a custom ecommerce solution geared to your specific needs. To ensure a trustworthy and efficient online store shopping experience, we develop tailored features like secure payment gateways, inventory management, and smooth third-party integrations.

Quality Assurance Testing

We perform rigorous testing on your ecommerce website to ensure optimal operation, usability, and performance. Among various things, our QA team tests for compatibility, security, load times, and responsiveness to ensure maximum user satisfaction.

Launch & Deployment

Once your ecommerce store has met industry’s quality standards, we deploy it on the platform of your choice, ensuring a smooth and successful launch. Furthermore, we provide the essential documents and training to assist you in efficiently managing your new online store

Maintenance & Support

Our staff provides ongoing support & maintenance to ensure that your ecommerce website is always up to date, secure, and fully functional. You can expect frequent upgrades, bug repairs, and performance optimization to ensure the growth of your store for a feasible price after our 1-month free maintenance period.

BRAINX’S ECOMMERCE DEVELOPMENT SERVICES Partner with Us to Take Your Online Store to the Next Level

BrainX Technologies is committed to providing great eCommerce development services tailored to your organization’s needs. Our skilled team blends cutting-edge technology with innovative design to give your customers a flawless shopping experience. Explore our best features to elevate your online store and attract a devoted consumer base.

  • World-class Ecommerce Solutions

    With our comprehensive top-quality eCommerce solutions, you can leverage the power of cutting-edge technologies. We create websites that load lightning-fast, ensuring a smooth transition from the browser to the home page. You can rely on us to provide the finest performance, functionality, and user experience.

  • Attention-Grabbing Design & Themes

    In the online world, first impressions are everything. Our designers create aesthetically captivating and engaging website designs with appealing visuals and intriguing display of content to entice your visitors. Your eCommerce store will be the center of attention with BrainX eCommerce development services, compelling potential customers and motivating them to explore deeper.

  • Seamless Device-to-Device Compatibility

    We understand the significance of a responsive website in today’s multi-device era. Our eCommerce solutions are built to be compatible with all screen sizes, from smartphones and tablets to large desktop monitors. Your customers will get a consistent surfing experience regardless of the device in use.

  • Lightning-fast Loading Speeds

    We ensure that your website’s performance is remarkable in an era where every second matters. Our advanced technologies allow your eCommerce store to load in nanoseconds, providing an ideal user experience that keeps your customers returning for more. Choose BrainX Technologies for a high-performance online store that sets you apart from the rest of the competition.

Our Work in NumbersKey Highlights

Transform your Shopify store with our custom eCommerce website development services. Our team crafts optimized, intuitive online stores that enhance user experience and maximize results. Drive your revenue with our expert Shopify development services.

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    Satisfied Clients

Our ClientsFrom across the globe, organizations entrust our exceptional services to achieve their goals.

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“BrainX Technology has been instrumental in delivering quality mobile SDKs in a very short time frame. Their team is responsive at all hours of the day- willing to address new issues and bugs almost instantly. Along with engineering, they have their own testing, design, and QA which makes BrainX a product manager’s dream.”

Peter Johnson
Product Manager, Kustomer

“BrainX performed exceptionally well. Our project was bogged down due to another agent and they continually stepped up to do their part well and on time, even supporting the other parts of the development that was not part of their contract. We would absolutely hire them again.”

Gail Schenbaum
CEO, Umergency

“BrainX is Excellent to work with. Always on time, keeps communication to make sure everything is done correctly the first time. It has been an excellent opportunity to work with BrainX.”

Fredy Edison
CEO, Drive Mouse

Frequently asked questions about our Ecommerce Website Development Services

How long does it take to develop an e-commerce website?

The timeline for developing an e-commerce website is determined by the project's complexity, the number of features required, and the level of customization. A completely functional e-commerce website can take anywhere from 3 to 12 weeks to build. However, the exact time will be established when we discuss your specific requirements and goals. Reach out to our experts through the Contact Us form available above.

Can you migrate my existing e-commerce website to Shopify?

Yes, we can assist you with securely and efficiently migrating your existing e-commerce website to Shopify. Our staff assures a smooth transition with minimal downtime, while also protecting your data and maintaining the integrity of your online business throughout the migration process.

In what ways can you increase conversion rate for my online store?

In what ways can you increase conversion rate for my online store? Ans: Team BrainX elevates your online store's conversion rate through tailored UI/UX design, data-driven A/B testing, and CRO strategies. To improve consumer satisfaction and lower cart abandonment, we prioritize personalisation and streamline the checkout process. Thus, delivering a unique and efficient shopping experience for your customers.

Can you integrate payment gateways into my e-commerce website?

Yes, we can seamlessly integrate numerous payment channels into your e-commerce website, providing your clients with a secure and user-friendly checkout process. We can integrate your online business with popular payment gateways as the likes of PayPal, Stripe, and others, giving your consumers a variety of payment alternatives.

How do you ensure my ecommerce website is mobile-friendly?

We prioritize designing responsive designs for all of our e-commerce websites to ensure compatibility with an extensive range of devices and screen sizes. We produce a consistent and smooth surfing experience across smartphones, tablets, and desktop screens by utilizing the latest web development practices and frameworks for e-commerce platforms.

What type of support do you provide after launching my e-commerce website?

Following the launch of your e-commerce website, we provide continuing support and maintenance to guarantee that it remains current, secure, and fully functional. Regular updates, bug fixes, and speed optimization are all part of our support. Following our one-month free maintenance term, you may continue to get our services at a reasonable cost to ensure the growth and success of your online store

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