Go Power deals in a variety of solar controllers, among which its MPPT controller series is the most distinguished one. They also have a mobile application for mobile connectivity and displaying data of these controllers, available for both Android & iOS devices. However, they recently launched two new series called the MPPT Pro and RVC controllers, and they wanted these controllers to be integrated with their apps properly.
Go Power is a subsidiary firm of another US-based company named Valterra Products. Valterra Products being an existing client of BrainX, referred Go Power to us so that they could get a reliable solution for their application. Team BrainX accepted the challenge and dived right in. 


Team BrainX got in touch with Go Power and exchanged multiple emails and calls to examine the scenario thoroughly. Their representatives provided our team with their old and new controllers to help them get hands-on experience with how their app works. For further assistance, they shared documentation that included useful information like:
Protocols to be followed in the operations
List of commands and their responses for effective communication between the devices and the app
All these aids helped our team in establishing a steady update for the app.


After putting our special efforts, we stood successful in creating fully-featured versions of their Android and iOS apps that supported the MPPT Pro and RVC controllers quite well. The apps could track all the stats related to the controllers and display them right on the mobile screens. These stats included the following:

  • Current Production
  • Voltage
  • Battery Health
  • Other related data

Furthermore, since these controllers used Bluetooth to communicate with the phone, we used Bluetooth 5.0 for better connectivity – making the app even more supportive. More so, this integration of Bluetooth was done by keeping the latest BLE communication protocols in mind.
Apart from that, our team also successfully updated the Firmware of these controller devices to keep them consistent with future changes in the protocols.


The end product was quite handy for the Go Power team as not only the platform was now able to support the new devices, but it also allowed the users to gain full control over the device from the app. Everything on the controller, from its live statistics to changing its battery type to setting up a limit on the current, can now be managed from the Go Power’s mobile app.
To put it short and simple, the final solution provided by Team BrainX was:
  • User-Friendly
  • Easy to customize
  • Convenient in tracking the performance of the solar panel

Tools & Technologies

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • AWS

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