WorkOf’s showrooms were already pretty popular in the masses, but as they say, “sky is the limit”, the team wanted to move up their game a few steps ahead.

The plan was to create something that will help the next generations of skillful crafters reach the market in a much effective and efficient manner, and what’s a better way to do so than by using the internet? So, based on an ever-increasing trend in online consumerism, they decided to go fully online.

Even though WorkOf had a functional e-commerce store previously built for maintaining an online presence, but it wasn’t a deal-breaker. So, the team decided to re-launch by jumping-in with a grand e-commerce store built with advanced features that may prove to be a game-changer for the company.



To pull off this superb idea, team WorkOf contacted BrainX to deliver their unmatched services. The basic idea here was to create an automated flow of information between designers and consumers in a highly interactive mode, making the platform equipped with the following functionalities: Automated notification process for both designers and customers to streamline communications. Exclusive profiles for designers to showcase their products in the most attractive way possible. Enhanced UI for a better customer and vendor experience.



After their preliminary examination of the previous store, our experts at BrainX found out that it was built by using an older version of ROR (Ruby on Rails). Keeping in mind the higher customizability of this framework and the potential needs of WorkOf, the team decided to use the “Solidus Framework” which is also based on ROR. More so, using the same framework platform allowed our teams to smoothly migrate the old data, saving up a lot of our time. After that, our professionals streamlined the communications by creating an automated notification process. Whereby, 

  • The designers will get instantly notified via email whenever the customers place any orders. 
  • The customers will receive automated receipts and other order-related information in their emails. 
  • The customers will be able to track their orders conveniently. 



WorkOf ultimately achieved their goal of having a top of the rate online store for contemporary interior design items. The company grew at a fast pace in its first few months, and it now houses 300+ design objects from over 40 leading designers. The platform aided the designers and customers with the following: Single and convenient spot with numerous design items. Much more accessibility than offline stores. Higher number of sales due to an increased reach.

Tools & Technologies

  • Figma
  • Miro
  • ROR
  • AWS

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