Zytrack, a leading provider of time tracking solutions, identified a significant opportunity to revolutionize the time tracking process for temporary workers, specifically targeting construction workers. The existing manual time tracking system was fraught with inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and compliance challenges.

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, Zytrack sought the expertise of BrainX Technologies to develop a cutting-edge app that would streamline the time tracking process, client approval workflow, and contract compliance.



BrainX Technologies collaborated closely with Zytrack to devise an innovative solution that would address the pain points faced by temporary workers. By leveraging our development expertise, Team BrainX designed and implemented the Zytrack app for iOS & Android, integrating it seamlessly with a web version of Zytrack for enhanced functionality and data transfer. 

Our inclusive approach ensured a robust and efficient system that would transform the time tracking experience for temporary workers while meeting the requirements of all parties involved.


With the help of BrainX Technologies, the Zytrack app was meticulously developed, incorporating several essential features to optimize time tracking and compliance for temporary workers. The salient functionalities included in the initial phase of the app's implementation were:

1- GPS Functionality: The Zytrack app seamlessly integrated GPS tracking, allowing precise location tracking and accurate time reporting for workers on the go.
2- Work-Related Expenses: Workers could effortlessly record work-related expenses directly within the app, simplifying expense tracking and minimizing administrative burdens.
3- Contract and Payroll Management: Companies can efficiently manage contracts and streamline payroll processes with Zytrack's integrated Contract and Payroll Management feature.
4- Chat Functionality: The app featured a robust chat feature that facilitated seamless communication and collaboration among workers, clients, and agencies, streamlining the entire workflow.
5- Long-Term Events Screen: A dedicated section within the app was developed to enable workers to log long-term events such as holidays, maternity leave, and other absences. This feature empowered workers to easily manage their time-off requests while ensuring compliance with HR regulations.

To further enhance the app's capabilities, BrainX Technologies identified open items for future development. These included features like employee contract termination and the possibility of using the app offline. Additionally, suggestions were made to improve user experience by providing limited access to certain screens when offline, with clear prompts to connect to the internet for seamless data synchronization.



The collaboration between Zytrack and BrainX Technologies yielded significant positive outcomes for both temporary workers and the involved stakeholders. The key impacts of the Zytrack app solution are as follows:

1- Improved Efficiency: The digitization of the time tracking process eliminated the need for manual data entry and cumbersome paper-based time sheets.
2- Enhanced Accuracy: The Zytrack app ensured accurate time tracking, minimizing errors and discrepancies, improving the payroll accuracy and reducing worked hours related disputes.
3- Streamlined Compliance: By integrating contract specifications, the app automatically adapted hourly rates based on tracked hours, ensuring compliance with trade union contracts.
4- Effective Communication: The built-in chat functionality fostered seamless communication between workers, clients, and agencies, enabling quick issue resolution, better coordination, and improved collaboration.
5- Scalability & Growth Potential: The Zytrack app showed its potential for scalability and wider adoption in various industries with features planned for next phases, such as standalone registration, expanded user base, and enhanced team management capabilities.
By leveraging the technical expertise of BrainX Technologies, Zytrack successfully transformed the time tracking experience for temporary workers.The platform is empowering its users with an efficient and compliant solution that streamlines operations, reduces administrative burdens, and paves the way for improved productivity.

Tools & Technologies

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Adobe XD
  • Miro
  • ROR

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